Rick (medlir) wrote,

Fa fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa, raise your voice.

Tendrils of white mist. The earth fumed at me.

Playing dodge the construction barrels like an Olympic slalom event for fun.

Useless agonizing over two letters? Hopeful entrancement with three letters?

Random meeting with a stranger and passing of a test.

The Question of Rose. Okay.

Search for little pieces of paper and electronic blips. Double time?

Old problem resurfaces. Lucid dreaming and memory... the problems that occur when your dreams are life-like and realistic down to the smallest detail and you're consciously aware that you're dreaming and you remember it all... but more importantly... what happens when the realistic memories and details from the dreams turn fuzzy with time just like conscious memories... and then they mix and you can't tell one from the other sometimes...

Did I dream that? Or was it real?

Scribbling a collection of related pages.

Saying something is true doesn't make it so. Actions. Displays. The "why". Reasons are important, they answer the "why" and convey meaning.

Night of the living opposites.

Row of pink hammers.

Time fading as time passes.

Easier to digest an idea than a specific reality.

Empty Book of Life.

Idle mind on vacation resorts to enviromental analysis.

Life repeating.

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