Rick (medlir) wrote,

"The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance."

Issur Danielovitch Demsky is The Ragman's Son.

I am 'not' cut out for this.

I am pleased with this one.

Afraid of so many things. Afraid that those things are all excuses.

The Great Outdoors seduces a weary wheeled traveler.
On my home last night I stopped in Charlotte to see what was going on. Nothing at all of course, come on, it was 11:15PM on a Saturday night, why would anything be going on? Decided to rollerblade around town. Did so several times. Some girls called me over to their porch but I yelled back "Nah." Ended up downtown near Frak's party store. There's a cemenet stepped wall there, so I sat down to rest and watch traffic for a while around 12:20. Around 12:30 I laid down to look at the stars instead. Around 1:20 I woke up. 1:30 I decided to actually move and head back through town to my car to go home instead of sleeping outside in parking lot on a cement wall all night.

Being the most prized animal on a poacher's kill list doesn't make you one of the most-wanted household pets.

"If you think you know all the answers, you probably don't understand the questions."

Vaporous funds find ways to disperse themselves.

How can you 'not'?

I don't like what I put in the diagonal areas, much too simple and blah. The diagonal lines should be removed also (they were inked to accomodate different diagonal inserts that were scrapped in lieu of the ones seen that I don't like now that I finished). And there are many weave mistakes, many having to do with the addition of the diagonal inserts after the weave of the main "cross" knot was inked, and I didn't have any whiteout to fix the errors. Also, the bottom trefoil knot is quite different shaped than the others... it was the first to be drawn in pencil, and inked as soon as it was finished so I had something permanent to add on to... unfortunately, I changed the shape after that, but the other three conformed pretty well to the new shape.

Information will not gather you, you must gather it. It is not feasible to let information happen upon you at random and whim, you must seek it out and be decisive for it to be useful.

Temporary mental health and energy shattered, rebuilding to occur in T-minus 10... 9...

Conflict between positive and negative, equal chance of both?

Amusing idea for a set-up, accidental reading, schemes to distract myself.

Becoming a dialog script writer? Editing continuously, honing and improving at every step.

Leap of blind faith? Or not really. Only if you expect a specific outcome. Expecting one outcome but wanting another?

Getting further in life by expecting and wanting the same thing?
Life isn't a competitive race to see who can get the farthest the fastest. Life is a course with billions of starting and finishing lines, none of which are in the same place or going in the same direction, and only occaisionally crossing each other. And "further" where anyway? Some people are running time trials, some are in it for prize money, others for a leisurely drive in the country-side, and still others just for their own abstract and relative idea of "fun". "You'll go far in life." What is that? You'll be a pillar of societal normality to the degree that other people notice and applaud you for it! Congrats! It doesn't mean anything really, only that other people are happy that you appear to be carrying on their ideas of what's right and how things should be. Whoo.

Running out of time, no words, right time? Non-existant.

Make it quick.

I can 'not' take it anymore!

I think this turned out really well. Very few weave errors, I caught most while it was still pencil, and the only one I see right this second was a complete mistake while inking. The center is kind of bleh though, There was originally going to be another ring of knots inside the larger one, but I didn't know if I wanted to bring three threads back down from the outside or all six from out there, so I left it as it is now with three going up and three coming down. I was getting tired too, so first I made just plain tear-drop shapes in the center with the three threads from the outside connecting to their closet center circle, but that was bleh, so then I made them connect a third of the way around the center with the next closest to make a spiral pattern... I like it in principle and somewhat in reality, but I'm not too pleased with it in some other ways. Hmm.

Life is never simple.

Blessing and curse.

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