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This will be a short synopsis because I'm tired. :P

Saturday, drove up to Grand Blanc to meet up with Kira, Ronda, and Steve for a BBQ at Kira's parents house. It was cool, lots of people were there. Kira's friends Dianne and Trent, Rebecca and Dave, Ronda came with Patrick, Kira's Husband Stephen (sp?), her parents Jan and Brian, and her friend Amy... and little kids... Rebecca and Dave had a baby who's name I don't remember, and then Trent and Dianne's three kids Natalie, Garret and Sally. Oh, and Max the dog. :P I took chicken breasts and beer brats, apparently so did other people too. :P Lots of food! By the end of the night, I'd eaten 5 brats and a chicken breast, cheesecake, chocolate pudding pie, and various other snacks. :P We all talked outside for a while and took pictures.from 2PM until it got dark basically. Ronda took pictures with her digital camera... I mirrored some of them here, and the full array of them in her slideshow gallery is here. Of the ones I mirrored... the first is me, The second is Max hanging on Steve's arm with Amy on the left and Jan up in the top-right, third is me again, fourth is Kira and I, fifth is Ronda and I. :)

Eventually, Rebecca and Dave left, and then Ronda and Patrick left to drive the 4.5 hours back to Columbus. Everyone else played Euchre I think for quite a while. I made camp in a very comfy wide chair int he licing room in front of the bigscreen and read a book while off and on talking to whoever else was present att he time. :P Eventually, around 5:30AM I think, everyone finally went to bed, and I claimed the chair as my bed, and Steve took the couch, Trent and Dianne and kids had one bedroom, as well as did Kira and Stephen, and Bri and Jan.

A few hours later I woke up. :P Steve got ready to head back down to Atlanta as other people slowly rose from the grave. :P I think he left around 10-10:30. I eventually got around and changed and cleaned up, said my goodbyes, and headed to Holly (like 10-15 minutes away) to go to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. :P So I spent all day there... watched the North American Masters Caber Toss, and watched them throw weight for distance (42 pound weight, 43 feet... whoo!). And just generally wandered around all day. There's a dance/drum group that was really awesome called Nommobuqunte. I watched them three times... very awesome. Eventually around 6:30PM, I took off... drove back to Lansing to B&N and sat around there for an hour or so until they were closing, then home again, home again.

And now... work for another week, bleh.

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