Rick (medlir) wrote,

Have you ever had a feeling of being unwhole?

Hooray for one-day weekends!

Salaried jobs suck unless they're paying you a large amount based on 60+ hours of work when you only do 40, otherwise they pay you for 40 and you work 60... and that's just bass ackwards.

I dislike people farms. You know? Those places where a single developer buys a wad of land, then builds 20-60 "houses" on it that are mostly identical, but slightly different so no one complains, and then they put a big sign (often made of stone) near one or all of the one to four driveways into the outside world. And then they name them something ending in "Estates" or "Terrace", often they use the words "Spring", "Meadow", "Wood", "Brook", and combinations and variations thereof, etc.

Meadowbrook Estates, Park Terrace, Brookwood South, Apple Ridge, Hampton Lakes, Swiss Valley, Birchwood Gardens, Coventry Woods, Lamberton Lake, Ambrose Ridge, Northwood Hills, Westminster Meadoes, Sand Creek Village, Rolling Meadows, Hickory Woods, Mt. Vernon Park, Simken Villa, Ionia Gardens, Colonial Woods, Country Meadows, Maplewood Manor, Chestnut Manor, Woodcrest Villa, Westwood VIllage, Hickory Green, Carriage Park, Prairie Glen, Parkwood, Grist Mill, Mill Pond, Cedar Green, Hidden Tree, Pine Forest, The Pines, Edgewood Village, Countryside Manor, Plum Tree, Village Green, Carriage Lane, Trappers Cove, Twin Oaks Meadows, Cedar Creek, Polo Club, Hidden Pines, Meadowood, Nemoke Trail, Old Orchard, Montgomery Court, Cascade Village, Woodland Estates, Castle Bluff, Oak Park, Pinery Park, Creekside, Woodcliff, Columbia Court, Tiffany Woods, Glen Oaks, etc, etc, etc.

Can anyone even tell which ones I made up on the spot and which are real? What if you mix them? Like Swiss Valley and Country Meadows and make Swiss Meadows and Country Valley. Or Apple Ridge and Chestnut Manor to make Apple Manor and Chestnut Ridge? How about Ambrose Ridge and Woodland Estates to make Ambrose Estates and Woodland Ridge? They're all so interchangeable and unoriginal. Maybe I should write a simple program that just puts two nouns together and market it as a people farm naming app and make millions of dollars. Because you know someone is probably getting paid big bucks for making key decisions on names like that.

I hope 50+ years from now if someone ever tears down our house, they actually look at the headers over the doors and windows and see our comments and signatures written all over them and know that we did the work, designed and built our house from the ground up. That instead of buying and living in a people farm mass-produced "house", we chose to be original and build a "home" specifically for us instead.

Is this a rant? You better believe it, I see far too many people farms during the day now and it's pissing me off how people choose to live in human-scale rat cages. Bleh.

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