When the last eagle flies
Over the last crumbling mountain
And the last lion roars
At the last dusty fountain

In the shadow of the forest
Though she may be old and worn
They will stare unbelieving
At the Last Unicorn

When the first breath of winter
Though the flowers is icing
And you look to the north
And a pale moon is rising

And it seems like all is dying
And would leave the world to mourn
In the distance hear her laughter
It's the Last Unicorn

I'm alive... I'm alive

When the last moon is cast
Over the last star of morning
And the future is past
Without even a last desperate warning

Then look into the sky where through
The clouds a path is formed
Look and see her how she sparkles
It's the Last Unicorn

I'm alive... I'm alive.

- America - The Last Unicorn

that must be based on the movie... i loved that movie when i was younger.

That was my favourite story for years... still is somehow... *sad* Why doesn't love and life work out the way it's supposed to? Love, Als

Definately one of my favorites. Although moreso the movie than the story since I never read the book. I did see it at B&N the other day though which is what prompted me to rent the movie. I've read one other book by him though... The Folk of the Air, which I loved and own. :P It is a sad book/movie though... living with regret for an eternity... immortality isn't always good.

*hugs* :)

*hugsback* I'll have to look into that book. Have a great weekend chere. Love, Als

Hello anyone who'll ever read this. My name's Ines Verhaeghe and I live in Belgium, Europe. I just want to say that I absolutely adore the movie and the book. I love the way it is drawn and it has been made. It has everything a book or a film has to have. Love, fantasy, violence and ... That one thing that gives it something extraordinairy... You know what I mean. I hope that every one on this world will see once in his live or read this film/book! Best wishes and kisses from me!