Rick (medlir) wrote,

And then...

I remember when we made the plans for the house we live in now, one of our ideas was to convert a hip-roof barn into a giant multi-storied house (was it three or five?) complete with elevator. Upon thinking about it randomly yesterday, I realized I still think it's a cool idea. I know people do it. Big open area in the center with the elevator being glass so you could look down from any of the upper floors and see people down below or watch them on the elevator. At the very top, it would just be like one big bedroom sweet with giant round windows on either end facing east and west to capture the sunrise and sunset, so you could watch either or both depending on what suits you. There'd be a bathroom and a partial kitchen up there as well. Other rooms down further, and the actual huge kitchen and utility rooms all the way down along with the living room and such. There'd have to be a basement as well, but with it being a hip-roof barn you'd have tons of space, so why not make an underground garage while you're at it? Then outside... I don't think I'd want to keep it red, so a different color would be in order. Completely black would look dominating on the landscape I think. :P Landscaping... lots of large hardwoods up close to provide shade for the yard, and then think pine/fir trees farther out for privacy. A single two-lane driveway would lead out to the electronic gate. And tada, big weird house.

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