Rick (medlir) wrote,

But then...

My job. I'm sick of it... royally. I was thinking about how I don't want to get stuck in it. But then I thought... so I quit. Maybe in a few weeks, telling them to start looking for a new person and that I want to be gone by the end of October. That's the bad part... waiting on them to find a new person and for me to train them... it kind of makes it hard to line up a new job ahead of time which is why I was worried about being stuck. But then I started wearing my jester's hat to my locations, and although most people love it, I'm sure it worries some people about who that joker is that's going into their apartments. And then I thought... so they complain, and my boss tells me to quit wearing it... what if I refuse? What are they going to do? Fire me? If they do, I get off scott-free because like hell I'm going to train someone for them when I'm fired and gone. And chances are they won't fire me because they need someone to do the job until they find someone else, and they need someone to train the new person. :P So then I thought... so why not speed alittle more to get my work done faster? And break just about any rule I want to for that matter? :P If they fire me, I'm free, if they don't, I get my job done faster and happier. I kind of win both ways. It's nice not really wanting the job you have... it makes things so much simpler to know that you really don't care if they fire you. :P In my lower days this week, I was thinking how I wish they would fire me just to end my misery. It really sucks the life out of you sometimes. So thought is going into letting them know I want to be gone by the end of October.

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