Rick (medlir) wrote,

And then...

Some guy came up to me at the same apartment complex... told me he didn't want any money, and that he'd pay me ten dollars to take him to his mom's a few blocks away. I actually thought about it for a minute, it was scary. He was missing several teeth. But then I asked him how far, and he said "Not far." so I asked hima gain and he said the same. It wasn't until I asked him blocks or miles that he gave me any more detail. So then I asked him why he was over where I was and he said he was at his dad's and named a building number six or so doors down. I wasn't buying it by that point. And then I realized I was driving a company vehicle full of money, and told him sorry.... there was now ay in hell I was giving anyone a ride in there (well, unless they were someone I knew already, or a really hot girl. :D) So I told him sorry, not in a company vehicle. And he was like, "And I was gonna pay you too..." and wandered off. I should have asked him how he got there in the first place, and why his dad couldn't drive him there. But it didn't matter... he wandered off *across* the street to a different apartment complex so I'm thinking it was a good thing I came to my senses.

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