Rick (medlir) wrote,

But then...

Didn't do the work I was supposed to, and fucked up the month of August for the company I guess. Oops. Went and got Kira Sunday and went tot he Renaissance Festival again. Walked around all day until they closed. The Ded Bob Sho was there! I was so happy. Kira bought a few cool things. I bought my black and green jester's hat. We both bought (*ahem*) bronze pendant necklaces. I know one of hers was the moon and star on one side and "The Goddess" on the other. Her other was a celtic knot and celtic pentagram if I remember right. I got one that has a rune for "Love Magic" on one side, and a rune for "Higher Self" on the other side. I'm pleased, it hangs nicely between my celtic knot necklace and my gemini one. :) The bronze also darkens and gets this aged look within a day that I'm really pleased with. Honey Stix! They had them at the Festival... yummy! I bought 18 of them. :P Kira said she doesn't normally like honey, but she liked them, so I think she bought 12 too. :P I ate my last one yesterday though.... must get more this weekend! After that we drove back here and hung out. Nate and Melissa watched movies in the living room, and Nicole and Russell offered to play a game, but Russell backed out of playing Monopoly so we didn't play anything. :P Mom and dad were up north with their friends from Pennsylvania, Pat and Ron, who they met on their 25th Anniversary cruise back in February. Monday we went to Subway for lunch, I used 4 of my subway cards full of stamps. :P

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