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Subway is grand, I love it. I had a footlong Sweet Onion and Chicken Teriyaki on Honey Oat, with provolone, with lettuce, tomato, sweet onion sauce, and mayonaise. Also I had a six inch buffalo chicken on white with provolone, lettuce, tomato, and onion, and the ranch dressing. Yum! I got a deal too (more in a minute). :P After that we went to B&N for the rest of the day. Sat around and talked, drank yummy things from the cafe, etc. I got a call from mom who had gotten home and found the mess my siblings had left. I got yelled at over the phone for a good 20 minutes probably. She asked me if I was coming home for dinner, and I said I didn't know, should I? And she said she wouldn't, so I didn't. :P Not long after that, Kira's mom called to find out where she was and when she'd be home. :P That was hilarious. :D Eventually, around 8-8:30 I think, I drove Kira back up to her parents house, and then drove back down to B&N for another 45 minutes before they closed. I reminded the B&N people to do the 15 minute warning. :P And then I headed home. ABout 18 minutes from home, Mom called again, a little calmer, and asked where I was... they had stayed up to watch a movie, and didn't realize B&N was open. I told her, and she offered me food. :P I got home and had steak and special potatos. :D And they also got me present... a coin book for all 50 state quarters! I had the first Blue Whitman books that covers two years, but we hadn't been able to find the next one.... so now I have an all-in-one book instead. :)

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