Rick (medlir) wrote,

ANd then...

Deals... Steve in the cafe at B&N gave me a huge discount one day just for kicks. At Subway, the lady said she'd give me a discount on my 6-inch sub and only charged me $1.70 for it instead of $3.99 just for the heck of it. :P And Matt, a guy I talk to at B&N frequently, works for a huge church nearby and a rehab program of sorts. He used to be a druggie, alcoholic, punk-type, but he's gone religious now and cleaned himself up so that he runs this program to help others... he even has an office. :P But anyway, they get donated tons of Sobe and prtein bars, and he knew I eat protein bars, and he said the ones they have have like 52 grams of protein... which is huge really compared to the 35g ones at GNC, so he says he'll bring me a box, maybe even a case. :P He can't/won't sell them, but they have so many, he said he could donate them to me. :P Free stuff for Rick!

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