Rick (medlir) wrote,

And also...

Meanwhile, my betta is going nutty in his bowl. I bought him a bigger bowl to set on my desk so he has a change of pace from his little bowl in my palm tree. I think the bowl is big enough though that the curve of the bowl near the center is small enough that he can catch his own reflection once ina while, so then he displays and goes all fruity until he gets bored with himself or else I put my finger near that spot on the outside of the bowl, or else lean towards him with my mouth open like I'm going to eat him. :P I'm surprised he's not fat too, he eats quite a bit... the pig. Just like his owner! :P THe one food I have says only feed him 1-3 granules once or twice a day... he eats much more than that though. :P Oh well, he seems happy. :D

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