And now, although I could write more, it's 1:10PM, and I need to get to work. Maybe Wendy will be working tonight and I'll actually ask her out, maybe to the Renaissance Festival even. :P Saturday is also Charlotte/Eaton County's Frontier Days Parade and most of the fun stuff about Frontier Days happens then. It actually started yesterday, but bleh, who wants to hang out at the fairgrounds in a makeshift "saloon"... heh. Oh, few other small things... got two tiny fillings last Friday. It actually went very smoothly, and no pain. Now I have three fillings... I'm sad. I think the dental hygienist who cleaned my teeth before that, Shelly, was hitting on me too. :P She asked me if I had a girlfriend, and told me stories randomly that made sure I knew she was single. :P "How interesting to know you live with another female and when you hear a noise in the closet, you have to recruit *her* boyfriend to investigate it. That really had nothing to do with anything we were talking about, but thanks for sharing!" :P Ice at the Ren. Fest. on Sunday made my tooth hurt a bit, but it's passed now and I've gotten used to it. Other than that, work, remidning the B&N people to do the announcement, being picked on by B&N people (:P), and returning the same to them. :P Need to look for new job though more than anything, I need out of this one soon. Also, we got an AOL CD in the mail addressed to "Weiner D." :P

I wanna goto the renaissance festival !@$!%^&!@#

Busy this weekend? Maybe some other weekend this month? Drive on over. :P :D

That would kick ass, i've always wanted to go to one of those.

If you can make it here by Sunday I'll take you along. :P It's only a 13 hour drive!

As much as i'd love to (trust me i've always wanted to go to one of these) i really just dont have the time :(, one day i'll get to one though.