Rick (medlir) wrote,


A big giant "I'm sorry." to everyone on my friend's list who is annoyed by my big long string of posts, I had no other choice as will be explained in a minute when I give a...

...BIG GIANT FUCK YOU TO LIVEJOURNAL, who won't let me make a single post larger than about a paragraph, and not even a large paragraph which is why my account of Saturday is even split in two. It will accept one-word entries with ease, and even small paragraphs, but if the post gets anywhere near two paragraphs or more than several lines, it times out and refuses to post anything at all from both the win32 client and the web page. Congrats go to LiveJournal for making their site almost completely useless and annoying and extraneous to use otherwise!

Whoo! Lets give the site a big hand for being unusable for me for the last week or two! Whee! Yay!

I'd post another support request saying I checked status.*, lj_maintenance, etc. But I'd just get told to check them again, and then told to try again during a non-peak time, or in 5 minutes... just like last time. Whoo, that'll help not at all. These new servers that are "on the way" better improve things drastically or I'm really going to have a fit.

At 6:06 pm EST on Wednesday, September 4th, Admin alanj writes :
Currently there is nothing wrong with LiveJournal.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, the site is run by a team of comedians! I get it! :)))))
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