I've been having a bunch of problems myself, its almost at the point where ill write or get a journal setup and just host it on my own site for my journal rather than here :(

Yeah, I was thinking that myself just now. At this point, it would actually be less work to manually edit an HTML doc in notepad and upload by FTP to add an entry than it is to post to LJ. It's insane.

Could just write or get an asp script that would act like LJ's web editor for it, ive seen quite a few around in the past.

Yeah, I would write a perl CGI... would be really easy actually. Make it a form like my sxc flipper (http://medlir.warped.com/sxc/portflip.cgi), put a comment tag in the target HTML doc as a marker, and have the script open the file, find the mark, and add the form submitted lines to the file immediately after the marker. COuld even automatically add the time and date, etc. Really simple. :P

I would do it but uh, i blow at webdesign and such.. so it would be really ugly and not worth it, but do it up dude probably be better for you :/

Okay, I'll make it just for fun as a project, but not necessarily to use. :P

You know you're gonna use it so shh.

I may just stop using my jorunal all together, i have like 5 friends on it *tear*, im not loved, anywho posting is a pain in the ass because it either times out or the servers down, for me atleast.