Was just reading from Kira how people are trying to copyright "Let's roll!" as part of the 9-11 madness. Personally, I think the whole idea of basically celebrating the entire thing is silly and I won't be contributing at all whatsoever. It's easy being cold and heatrless. ;) Personally, those that lost loved ones should be mourning if they still need to after a year (Personally, I think everyone else marketing and celebrating it would make it harder for those it actually affected to heal and mourn and get past it as they need to.) Otherwise, what the hell are the rest of you people doing? Especially if you didn't lose anyone personally... you're showing your support for people you didn't know in their loss? You're showing your patriotism by wasting energy and driving with your lights on all day? I don't see the point in it. I've said it before... I love my country, but not enough to celebrate the year anniversary of a disaster that I wasn't involved in. How many people go visit Pearl Harbor annually if they weren't there themself or didn't lose a loved one there? Maybe a lot of people did a year after it happened or after the war, I really don't know. I just think we should let the people who actually lost loved ones space and solitude to mourn rather than shoving all this crap int heir face so it's basically impossible for them to let it fade with time. I know I'd be pissed off at all the spam-like spreading of silly events, activities, and memorials, not to mention businesses making money off it intruding my personal loss if I had lost someone. So in celebration of a disaster, I'll act like it's any other day *UNLESS* someone I actually know lost someone, and in that case, I'll offer that person *personal* support as a friend if they want it. Otherwise, all this generic, general widespread support is bleh. It's so diluted and pointless. You think a husband who lost his wife really gives a fuck if you drive with your headlights on 2000 miles away where he'll never see it? I don't. The thought is comforting, the reality is pointless. It's strange that so many people have egos that let them think their support is so important to people they don't know and who don't know them and will never witness their support.

Hear, hear. I'm more than disgusted by some of the things people/media will do with tragedy. I also don't think we should ignore it entirely, because the general populace needs to remember so that they have a reason to stay informed about what's going on in the world, but a lot of what's going on today is just either infantile or mercantile.

I don't know anything about the headlights, btw, but I for one always drive with mine on, even though I also have running lights. Part of it is just a habit from driving an older car but I also find it makes a car more visible than just running lights do, and avoids my having to remember to turn them on as it gets dark in the evening. At about 200 watts total, the amount of power "night" headlights (and taillights) take out of your car, in addition to what's already sucking power, is almost negligible.

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