June 22nd, 2000



Just watched Modern Times (1936) with Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard... boy was she cute in that movie. :P Very funny stuff. :) And then we just did some Real Genius quoting on IRC... I really need to buy the movie someday.

"Can you hammer a 6-inch spike into a wooden plank with your penis?"
"Uh, not right now."
"Tsk. A girl has to have some standards."

Gonna sleep for a while... have to be up early tomorrow...


Never got to the anime movie. Played several games of wordhunt, watched the History channel with my parents for a while... it was the History of the motorcycle. Talked to a few people on ICQ. Downloaded some programs... updates, new versions, etc. Didn't sort anymore of my anime collection... damn, where does the time go. Another few minutes and then sleep for me... eight hours of sleep over two days isn't bad.

Must sleep now... brain shutting down...


Pee time has arrived. :P I thought I'd have to sign for the overnight form, but they just left it on our garage steps... I don't know how I missed the guy since I've been up off and on all morning. Maybe I was tired enough to sleep through knocking. But it's here... says I get to pee between 1 and 4PM so I'm getting ready to go down there. I think I'll get my haircut and some gas while I'm in town... supposed to do a gas-out fromt he 23rd-26th... gas here is currently $2.09 for regular unleaded up to $2.33 for Premium... oof... I miss the days of <$1 a gallon... Anyway, off I go because I really gotta go, but I can't till I get there. :P


My sample has been sent away to Memphis, TN. Some might wonder why a urine sample for the State of Michigan gets sent to TN...I know I do, but that's just how it goes I guess. Almost overflowed the damn cup... maybe I shouldn't have held it so long. :P I didn't realize till just a little bit ago that the hospital kept the letter that was addressed to me... I don't think it had anything important on it besides instructions for the hospital visit. I hope. I also went and deposited money, and got money out, and got gas, and got a hair cut, and here I am, now at home with shorter hairs. Hmm.

Cleaning time...

My sis is taking her sweet time getting her crap off the old family 486 she's been using and onto her new computer, so I'm going to do it for here right now. :P I want it cleaned off so I can use it for fun stuff. :P Let the copying commence!