June 23rd, 2000



And the peasants rejoiced! Yay. Me and bro watched Vampire Hunter D earlier... it was cool. :) Mom complained about the volume so I did some rewiring... RCA cables from audio out on VCR to stereo, RCA to stereo jack cables going from botht he main and remote speaker plus to this computer and to medlir2, then Nate plugged his headphones into medlir2's line out, and I plugged mine into medlir1's line out, and we both got to listen in as loud as we wanted without waking up mom and dad. :P

Blackjack (one of our cats) is sleeping on my bed... he may be huge and overweight, but he's the coolest cat we own. :) Hopefully he sticks around when I decide to sleep, which will be soon.

Need to pack to go to our cottage for the weekend sometime tomorrow. I'm still undecided on taking a computer this weekend since we'll have reduced space coming back as it is. I'm not sure my sister realizes we're ALL coming back with her besides dad with ALL the stuff too. Maybe I'll drive up there... I don't want to wait till Saturday to go up there and come back Sunday, and I think she has to work tomorrow night till at least 8 or 9PM... I wonder if mom has thought this whole thing out or not. We'll see tomorrow I guess.

Just finished my lemonade, I think it's time for sleepy. Put in my Celtic Nights CD... and I'm all set. :)


Leaving in an hour or so for the cottage for the weekend. Fun stuff... sun, water, etc. No computer or net access... oof! Oh well, I'll live. No updates here till Sunday though. I should buy some joycam film before I go...