July 8th, 2000



Came home today so I can get tot the bank tomorrow, not to mention I was bored up there and wanted to get online. I think I'm getting a small cold from last night. I ate a can of pork and beans earlier with brown sugar... mmmm. :P Gonna reconnect and go to bed in a few minutes. I had something important to type here but I'm drawing a blank. Computer show sunday, start my job Monday, whoopy!


Our outside dog was barking. We went to see why. She killed a possum and was chewing on it in her kennel. Actually I think it was still alive... it had some nasty wicked teeth and moved it's mouth and eyes when I shoveled it over the kennel fence. Then ia ccidentally dropped the shovel over the fence with it and had to go get it. Fun times skirting rabies... neat huh? Need sleep now. Water of glass.


Ate a quart of rice earlier, took some ibuprofen, just ate a big can of chunky chicken noodle soup, and have a mug of Ginseng Energy tea... yum. I'm feeling better. I remember what Iw as going to say last night. Apparently, we're going to own a second cottage on our lake pretty soon. :) An older gentleman that owns 3.5 lots is selling them. We're buying the cottage behind our current one, our one neighbor is buying the 1.5 lots between him and us, and our other neighbor is buying the lot behind him. I guess my sister isn't too happy about it because it puts finances for her college next year in question. I think it's pretty darn cool, we'll soon own three residences. :P