July 10th, 2000



Start my new job tomorrow. Wish me luck! They stupid HR lady never mailed me my map and directions tot he HR Office where my orientation is tomorrow, so I had to figure out/guess where it is. I think I know where it is, or at least the building, who the hell knows what floor it on, or how to get to it though. Oh well, I'm leaving here an hour early so I'll have a full half-hour to search for the damn place. Bah, how annoying. I need to pick out a shirt for tomorrow still. Tie, or no tie? Bah, maybe I'll wear a golf shirt, I don't know the dress code yet, so what can they do to me? I don't even know my frickin' hours yet! I just drank myself a cup of Tension Tamer tea, and am heading to bed to read, and then sleep to get myself some 4 hours of the stuff. :P Whee! Tomorrow should be a blast. Yeah... heh.


Off to work. I hope to hell they have a relaxed dress code at the lab, I really (REALLY, REEEEEEAAAALLLLLLYYY) don't want to wear dress clothes every day. I'd have to buy a whole new sets of cloths or wear my dad's. Bah.


First day at work was awesome... I expec it to get much more difficult any day now. Good news! I get to wear shorts, a t-shirt, and my tennis shoes. Yes! I'll go into more detail of my first day tomorrow. I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and sp slept all evening tonight, oops.