August 14th, 2000


Bum ba dum bump!

It's Monday morning, whee! Somewhat late getting up. Highway construction is closing off my entrance ramp tomorrow... I'll need to figure out an alternate route. Realms of Despair seems to be down... I couldn't connect at home, and still can't here so the entire server must be down or something's wrong with the connection. Either way, that's no good.

Some songs to listen to... Stupify by Disturbed as mentioned already, and now A Cheap and Evil Girl by Bree Sharp... fun stuff, heard it on "G-String Divas" on HBOSaturday night. :P Come visit me Jordan! :P

Visual FoxPro has an ADDBS() function... my first thought: Neat, an easy way to add BS to your work. :P


Another addition... an unfortunate thing happened yesterday. I was sent into the basement to retrieve some canned edibles when I accidentally dropped a can of mixed vegetables from several feet in the air. The unfortunate part is that it landed on my little toe and nicely smashed it into the concrete. It was bleeding! I almost died! But not really and so it's just a little sore now. When it turns black and falls off I'll let everyone know.


Finished (or so it seems at this point) a programming task that had a deadline of November 15th today. Wahoo! Now to do some extensive testing... :P