September 10th, 2000


Whee! Cha, cha, cha...

I'm bored.

Rollerbladed for a "long while" yesterday morning. Ended up talking to my aunt and uncle for a long time after the parade though and so didn't go long enough to tear up my ankles this year. Darn, right? :P Which reminds me, i need to send my uncle an e-mail sometime. Spent the rest of the afternoon walking around browsing crafts and such stands. Touring the old courthouse is fun even if I do it every year. Most of the time spent outside I use to watch the scenery. Another thing, what the hell is with 10-15 year olds dressing up like they're out to get laid? I swear, something is wrong with that particular age group, or maybe I'm just noticing it. Don't dress like you're friggin' 25 unless you are! It's somewhat disconcerting when 15 and 35 year olds are dressing the exact same... I have to threaten to blind myself if I look in the wrong direction! Sheesh! Anyway, I ate lunch on the courthouse lawn among the crafts booths. Me and bro walked around a bunch. Spent some time watching chainsaw guys, visited the dollar store and the bookstores. Got a glowstick and beverages at the dollar store. Ended up buying the book Cryptonomicon at the bookstore. I paid the full price there of course... feh! Me and bro sat around in the used bookstore/comic bookstore after that. Read comics, looked at cards, had fun. Then we went to the other end of town to the fairgrounds to see what was down there. Ended up buying a pound of bulk neon gummi worms from the candy people, and I bought Nate a Final Fantasy III Player's Guide for SNES cause he has the game but not the docs. Then we came back here and goofed off the rest of the night. I ended up watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom because Sci-Fi was showing the widescreen version. After that I watched Blade Runner for much the same reason, and then Dazed and Confused was on USA and nothing else was on so I watched that. Busy day.