September 26th, 2000


Might as well... :P

Since I'm posting it everywhere else, anyone who feels inclined should go visit my latest meandering posts on the Pinkle messageboards. Maybe by the time you get there, others will have continued it on and responded to my latest posts. Good deal. Follow the white rabbit. Feel free to post comments there, here, or even in email. All three if you really want to. :P

Hmm, work tomorrow, blah. My laptop still isn't up to par. Installed a ton of updates today, SP4 for VS6, WindowsUpdate everything except the Languages, etc.

Scary event... newly repartitioned and reformatted laptop, new installation of AOL Instant Messenger... start it up the first time and... MY BUDDY LIST WAS ALREADY THERE! Some people might not see what the big deal is, so I'll explain. The fact that my buddy list was already there after a format and re-install indicates that AOL has my buddy list stored on their servers. They've taken my list of friends and associates and are keeping it to themselves. Now granted, it was helpful not to have to re-enter people, but at what cost??? Eeeevil! EEEEVIL!!! I'm scared, hold me. :(

I need to bathe myself. Neat huh?

Off to bed now though, I'll have to play more with my laptop tomorrow. And homework, guess I'll actually have to do some of that before Wednesday. Blech.
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