October 10th, 2000



I'd like to correct what I said previously. The line, "I'm quite sure if I can resist the urge to be stupid like most other teenagers who drink, smoke, or do drugs, and sleep around, then I can resist the urge to do other things." That totally should be changed. I have no urge to be stupid in that manner. I have no urge to do any of those things. All of them are things I've made direct choices not to do solely because I don't want to do them, not because there was ever any push towards doing them. I just thought I should clear that up.


Was just looking over my cam stats. No that I mind people I don't know looking at my cam, but I sort of wonder who they are out of curiosity. :) As far as I know, I don't know anyone at Florida State University, but someone there has been to my cam page. Same goes for the mich.net user, the person at Eastern Michigan Univ. and the one at Albion College. The Northern Michigan Univ. address belongs to my friend Mike I think. The Albion college might belong to a girl that went to my high school that I was talking to yesterday. It's a great game trying to figure it out. :P I need to keep my cam on more often so these people have a reason to stay. :P

Neat idea...

Actually, it might do it now. What if when you were offline, the client could save posts you wanted to make locally, and then the next time you logged in with a net connection, it would send them then? I think that would be cool. When I have a thought while somewhere with my laptop, I could type it up rather than risk the chance of having to remember it later. Hmm.


Dad took my 26" Dragon Sword over to Steve's and they spot-welded it back together. That was cool. The bean soup I started Sunday finally was ready to eat after cooking all day Monday... was good for Dinner last night. I didn't want it tonight too though so I made more hot dogs. Saturday I made hot dogs... I ate 4 chili dogs, bro had three, I took care of the last one, the chili and the onion I had minced. Sunday morning all three were gone because of sis. Tonight I do the same, I eat 4 chili dogs, bro ate 4 chili dogs, and there went another package of processed meat. :P

Weird dreams lately... I keep forgetting to write them down before they fade though. I'm saddened that I don't remember my dreams liek I used to. Maybe it's my diet? Current stress level? Who knows, I wish I did.

Cam will be pointed at bro tonight. We were looking at the pictures from me sleeping last night and he said he didn't roll over as much as I do, so I told him we'd point it at him and find out tonight which he agreed to of course. So there we go. All you hot 16 year olds girls be sure to tune in! If you tune in *RIGHT NOW* you can see him playing Chrono Trigger on his SNES with no shirt! :P hehehe

Fun stuff.

Changed my email address to my main one (I'll explain later), and made use of one of my paid benefits by then having my journal display my livejournal email address. Whee! The idea I posted earlier (yesterday?) I'm going to hold of on emailing to Brad. I think I'll try my hand at coding it in myself first just for kicks. I need to practice as a refresher. :P I downloaded the current source earlier so I'll try playing with it tomorrow. I need to re-subscribe to all the lj mailing lists... last time I frgot to confirm the next day the confirmation codes expired. :P I guess I'll do that now.
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