October 25th, 2000



Wasted the evening again. Ate some mac and cheese for dinner. Put in Braveheart to watch around 9... I love that movie. One of the few movies that brings tears to my eyes every single time. Mel Gibson did a great job I think. Great movie. Now I'm listening to music. Installed the newest version of geoShell earlier. It's the windows explorer shell replacement I use. Also updated McAfee to 5.12 and installed Partition magic 5.01 to use later. I seriously need to free up some disk space. I think I'll borrow the CD burner from work on Thursday if I can. Move a ton of crap from my archive partition to CD. Homework... hmm.
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    Billy Joel - We Didn't Start The Fire

Class... class... class... class... class... class... class... class... CLASS!!!

CIS 153 wasn't bad earlier. Found out that when i missed it Monday, so did everyone else because Mr. Brown was sick and the class was cancelled. In my CIS Co-op right now in the Library. I'm surprised the network let me connect to LJ... usually it doesn't. CIS 265 in just a minute. Turned in my Project #2 earlier today. Found out the ToC page says it's due today, the project page itself says it was due yesterday. Blah. Watched Ninja Scroll on my laptop in the union after I did my project. Fun stuff. Had to skip some parts of it. :P Whee!
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