November 13th, 2000


Oof, and double oof!

I think I'm making enemies out of people I've never met now. And quite possibly, Volsi might be getting to the point of hating me if she doesn't already. That's no good. oof!

But in good news, made some more definitive plans with mouse about coming to visit... looks like early next month. So soon! Now to talk to my parents and okay it with them... :P They're generally cool about these things. Family Vacation to Texas led to an entire day spent with my friend Ashley and her mom. When I wanted to visit Possum/Nikki in Georgia over Labor Day weekend one year, they didn't want me going alone so Dad went with me. We've had foreign exchange students, and overnight college choir singers. Unless there's something family-related going on, they shouldn't have a problem with it. :) This should be cool. :) In other news, we're moving the wedding date to December 1st, the day she gets here (as planned at the moment). Stay tuned for the web site! :P

I have to go to the bathroom!