November 14th, 2000


The day...

Was up till 5:15AM... slept in. Had an... er, um... "happy" dream. Woke up. Skipped class. Went and got bro at school. Did some practice shooting with my gun with bro and dad. I nailed that empty lighter fluid can and that battered old tuba good! *hick* :P

Opening Day of deer season is Wednesday. Not sure if I'll go out or not. I don't think I did the last two years. Yes, I hunt small furry animals, no I don't feel bad about doing it when it's for food (we eat venison, not store-bought beef). No, I don't like even the idea of messing with them after shooting them. *will blow a whistle and let his dad take care of that because he's a big wuss who doesn't like dissecting animals*. I don't have class till 12:45 Wednesday so I might as well go out for the morning before class. Bro isn't sure if he is or not either. I didn't even buy an archery license this year yet, and I like sitting out there in the Fall. Hmm. Anyway, my gun (20 gauge shotgun) shoots perfectly... I didn't miss any of the three shots I made with it. I let bro shoot the other two. I shot his 410 twice and didn't miss either of those. All in all I have good aim. It's been four years of hunting now and I've never killed anything. Most likely because I make noise, carve sticks, and fall asleep. :P

Anyway, after that we came in from biting wind and sprinkles. I started my game on Zelda64: Majora's Mask, and played that all evening. Talked to Shay for a bit, but she left to go to Denny's with her roomie. Talked to mouse for a bit before she decided to lay down for her upset stomach, and I decided to lay down to read. I checked my Novell GroupStupid mail for work... it downloaded 3M of something but when it got done, I only had 2 new messages and neither had an attachment. I hate GroupStupid. :P Work tomorrow... oof. Check my normal mail. Notice piman mentioned cleaning out his mailbox... I have somewhere around 3500-4000 unread and undeleted BUGTRAQ crap. I have some filtering on it for relevent material, but I hate the thought of just deleting all the rest when there could be something worthwhile in there... :P Some real mail too... LJ mail, junk mail... no personal mail though.

Anyway, fell asleep reading with the cat laying on me... woek back up at 2AM or so. Been talking to mouse some more and on IRC a bit. Time to get to sleep for real!

Simple math...

Y = A + B


Y = A + B

...hand recount because machines make mistakes (like people don't...)...

Y = ( A + 0 - 0 ) + ( B + C - 0 )