November 15th, 2000



I slept in till 2:45 when bro called to get picked up fron school rather than going in to work. I'm such a bad employee, I'm lucky o have my job. I need to fix that because I'm making my references look bad. Venison jerky! Some of it got done tonight. The rest will be in the smoker till tomorrow morning. Mmmm. Watched MSNBC with my parents (see earlier comments). Watch bro play Zelda. Talked to Shay again for a bit before she decided she she couldn't take the cold anymore (I guess :P) and went to take a bath and go to bed. Talked to mouse a bunch. Parents aid it was okay for her to visit. Yay! She went to bed though and left me to fend for myself. I should be in bed. Replied to a bunch of emails. Get an email from my friend Sara which was unexpected but cool so I replied tothat too. :) Told some people about my page here and my cam page while I was at it. Hunting tomorrow... me and bro stood is line for 45 minutes at Meijer's to get out licenses because the gas station in Olivet was out or something. Wal-Mart supposedly had 4 times the line we were in at Meijer's. We're all set now. I get to get up in 1:15 minutes to get bundled up, and sit in the woods for hours where I'll most likely fall asleep against a tree till later in the morning when I have to go to class. :P hah! Reminder: I need a watch so I know when to leave the woods to head to class... hmm. Rebooted my computer earlier even though I get mutiple week uptimes under win98se even with it being my main machine. I rebooted anyway because XiRCON made a fuss and since I was offline anyway I thought what the hey. I'm not bothering getting back on IRC tonight... will tomorrow before I leave for class though. Not much else... hope I don't have any homework due. I haven't been to CIS 153 since the 1st... which amazingly enough was half a month ago? Wow. I rule/suck. CIS 265 we had a test in last week and we don't really have class this week. Hey, wait a minute... CIS 153 I should really go to tomorrow afternoon. But since I don't technically have 265... maybe I'll just skip Co-op meeting (I'll email him), then I don't have to worry about the stuff int here, or my ind. study classes till next week. Wahoo! Someone remind to work on that stuff though. :P That's what I'll do because I don't fancy sitting around all afternoon and not getting home till almost 10PM tomorrow. I'll actually try to go to bed early too (Sorry mouse! Key word "try"! :P) that way I can get up for work for once...

NOTICE: Does anyone know of an ActiveX control I can use in Visual FoxPro to play sounds from out of a general field in a table? I found one to play sounds but from the file itself, not a table field. Hmm.


Okay, read my book till 5AM... got my wake up call a half hour later. Didn't actually get out of bed till 6:15. Packed up, headed out to the woods. Didn't see squat. Heard a lot of lunatics shooting 5+ times for no apparent reason. Knees got cold. Left the woods at 10:30. Talked to Grandpa. Came home. Took hunting pics with cam. Let dog out to go potty. Taking shower now. Then class. Then home again to let dog out. Then Grandpa's again to pic up bro. Then home again. Whee! Shower now though. AIM was being an ass this morning on my desktop... wouldn't load my buddy list at all... had a defaylt blank buddy list even though the buddy.lst file was there and had it all. SO I reinstalled, right over the top of the old one. Works fine now. Booyah!