November 21st, 2000


Skipped class...

I skipped CIS 153 this morning... again. That makes it one attendance out of six. Soon to be one out of 7. :P A couple emails I got from the prof today though...

COBOL Students:

Due to the late date in the semester, I am further reducing your work
load, although perhaps not your study load.

The two (2) programs you have been assigned so far (2 in 135 and 2 in
235) will be the only ones required for this semester. Although not
comprehensive, they should cover much of the material for your test(s).

I put practice tests (Word documents) on the web - one for 135 and one
for 235 - for you to study/practice with. Open the appropriate test(s)
in Word and print it. Use it to see how much you need to study. I will
place a review sheet on my web for you to study from, hopefully in the
not too distant future. I am leaning towards having your test be largely
open book.



CIS 153, 12:45-2:00, is OPTIONAL on Wednesday.

CIS 265, 6:00-9:00, will NOT be held.

Wahoo, reduced work-load, AND no class Wednesday for either class! Now if my Co-op meeting is cancelled or I email him and Fax/Email him stuff, maybe I can end my week tomorrow afternoon! :P

** General Update **

Sadly, he's only a One-Star General who's brains have been removed by a Zombie... hah!

Last week I said I visited the Math/Science Center. Then I entered the Twilight Zone. *makes eerie noises* The very next day after being there and seeing one of my old teachers, by sheer coincidence, her youngest daughter was at my cam site. *more eerie noises* I found that weird and emailed her to say so. :P

Last Wednesday also I got out of CIS 265 in the evening (that's why we don't have class this week, we had it last week so we'd have this Wednesday night off) because they were going over stuff I already knew, and Mr. Brown told me I didn't need to come. :) I just realized today i never emailed my Co-op prof to tell him I wouldn't be there. Oops.

I went to work Friday. Several not-good things there. I'll have to deal with them tomorrow though. I have work tomorrow (later today) and crap, I should go in Wednesday too if I don't have class. Argh. I need the money though. With State Holidays Thursday and Friday. I'll only have two days of work in out of two weeks otherwise! Feh. We'll see and think about that tomorrow night.

I'm feeling the urge to do a large friends post as well now that so many others are. Not to mention I never introduced most of the people I added in the first place. I have two professed stalkers now though! Whoo hoo! Sadly, no groupies yet though, nobody wants to settle for groupie when they can have the benefits of stalker. *sigh*

On that note, mouse come to visit on the 1st which is when out wedding is also. :P Only 1.5 weeks! I told starzz she could visit me too since she likes my room so much, but she wants me to come there instead. :P Future trip? Whoo hoo! Sonya doesn't live too far away either and likes cool cartoons, but I can't visit her because she didn't give me a medal. :P

And now, it's 4:30AM... I have to be up for work 3.5 hours... oh boy! I better get up... ack.


Apparently people above my boss have a contract with an outside group to basically do what is currently our work. This being totally out of nowhere. He told me earlier that if it comes down to it, he'll leave to find other employment rather than stay here, but that he'll try to make sure us student assistants end up under someone good. Oh boy!

And the peasants rejoiced!

Worked on my boss' laptop earlier. After a few changes to the executable in an unrelated area, he runs it on his laptop, and it works perfectly. It put the email in the outbox of Novell GroupStupid just fine. When GroupWise was run, it send it out. Taskman received it just fine. It was awesome. It was determined that I rock. :P