November 24th, 2000


Following suit...

So many neither a both situations under This and That...

1. Your name: Rick
2. Your nickname: Medlir, NASA, Lord Tool
3. Your birthday: 6-9-80
4. Your age now: 20
5. Your location: In my bed at home.
6. School grade: College Junior
7. Sex: Male
8. Zodiac sign: Gemini

Your looks.
1. Real hair color: Brown
2. Eye color: Brown
3. Skin color: Pasty Geek White
4. Height: 5'10"
5. Shoe size: 14
6. Do you care about the way you look? Not overly.
7. Do you get tanned?: Yes
8. Do you have big ears?: No
9. Do you have contacts or glasses?: Yes

Are you a . . .
1. Wuss: Sure, at times.
2. Class clown: No
3. Goodie two-shoes: Most likely.
4. Daydreamer: Yes.
5. Drunk: No, I'm straightedge.
6. Freak: I try.
7. Bitch: Nah.
8. Angel: Maybe.

Have you ever . . .
1. Eaten an entire box of Oreos? Probably.
2. Gotten in a car accident? With another car? No. With deer? Yes.
3. Watched "Punky Brewster"? Yes
4. Hiked a mountain? Yes
5. Death Valley on horseback? No...
6. Stayed home on a saturday night just because? Every single one.

This or that . . .
1. Paper or plastic: Paper
2. Deaf or blind: Neither? Your eyes can only see half the day, your ears can hear all the time. I guess I'd go with deaf anyway.
3. Truth or dare: Truth
4. Night or day: Night
5. Beavis or Butthead: Definately neither.
6. Ocean or pool: Lake
7. Cake or pie: Cake
8. Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
9. Cats or dogs: Both, but dogs.
10. Love or lust: Both, but Love.
11. Pancakes or french toast: French Toast
12. Bitter or sweet: Sweet
13. Silver or gold: Silver
14. Smoker or nonsmoker: Non-Smoker.
15. Diamonds or pearls: Diamonds... mmm, carbon.
16. Hugs or kisses: Hugs, they're all I get.
17. Bacon bits or croutons: Bacon Bits
18. Shaken or stirred: ...what?
19. Taco or burrito: Burrito!
20. Complex or simple: Complex
21. Armageddon or Independence Day: Independence Day
22. Batman or Superman: Superman
23. Nacho cheese or cool ranch: Barbecue
24. Sun or moon: Moon
25. X's or O's: X
26. Ice crushed or cubed: Cubed
27. Showers or baths: Baths
28. Ketchup or mustard: Ketchup

In the past week, have you:
1. Cried: No
2. Not known the answer in class: No
3. Cut your hair: No
4. Worn a skirt: Does a kilt count?
5. Worn a tie: Hell no.
6. Been mean: Probably.
7. Been sarcastic: Definately.
8. Gone for a walk: No
9. Gone out for dinner: Yes
10. Met someone new: Yes.
11. Taken a test: No
12. Talked to an ex: No. I only have one...
13. Missed an ex: Yes, for the first time in 5 years.
14. Hugged someone: Grandma today.
15. Kissed someone: I've never really kissed anyone.
16. Danced with someone: No
17. Had a nightmare: No
18. Fought with your parents: No