November 28th, 2000



Not sleeping. Haven't been updating. No good. Work in a little bit. Argh. Mountain Dew to stay awake. Upload pictures. Burn CDs. Read Winter's Heart. Don't wanna go work. Wanna stay home. By the time I get home from work I will have been awake 24 hours. Argh. mouse visiting soon. Must regain strength before visit. :) Need more Mountain Dew before work. shay is the most awesome wench friend that I have. starzz picked sleep over talking to me when bored but is awake now. mouse is sleeping because she has class later. Hmm.

Trying to stay coherent.

Okay, I'm going to email my boss, ask him what went down yesterday. Tell him I'm staying here today unless he really needs me to come in. I have a bowl of protein and a glass of eggnog for breakfast. I can work on one of the other laptops I brought home. Do some homework maybe. Burn some other CD's, all sorts of stuff. Added ellie as a friend. Talking to her now. I should do a friends update later. Hmm.