November 30th, 2000


Pardon the language... :P

IRC lamer "criminal1" visits us on #mybutt from Malaysia asking for sex...

<Eric> hey kendryk, i think criminal would like your cock in his ass
<Kendryk> like anyone could tell if my cock were in their ass...
<Kendryk> it might be in his ass already



sorano [chvs@] has joined #friendly
<sorano> uh, hy?
<Medlir> hu, yh?
<sorano> hi there medli
<sorano> wasspu?
<sorano> wassup?
<Medlir> Is that English?
<sorano> i think so
<sorano> isn't it?
<Medlir> No.
<sorano> Sorry, i meaned what's up
<Medlir> haha, that wasn't much better.
<Medlir> Nothing is happening here anyway.
<sorano> in brazil neither
<sorano> where are ya from?
<Medlir> Michigan, USA
<sorano> m/f?]
<Medlir> Z
<sorano> z?
<Medlir> Yes.
<sorano> what is Z?
<Medlir> The third axis when graphing in three dimensional space.
<sorano> didn't understand
<sorano> I was asking you if you're male or female...
<Medlir> Oh! Well, call me silly and spank my bottom.
sorano [chvs@] has quit IRC (1,18Comandos para usuarios iniciante em dialog ? Só no
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