December 11th, 2000


Results of the Sensuality Test
Your score = 66

What does your score mean?
You seem to have found a balance between absolute asceticism and utter hedonism. You enjoy the titillation of the senses, but aren't driven to senseless ecstasy by the smell of a flower, the taste of rich chocolate cake with whipped cream, or the touch of a lover. You are able to appreciate and even lose yourself in the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, and feel of life. But you aren't totally pleasure-driven and you are able to keep your emotions balanced.

You are able to stay focused and to persevere, even though you might be trudging through a particularly dull or insipid period of life. Sometimes, it is necessary to relinquish an attachment to the physically divine in order to attain goals or to move ahead. Your ability to control your sensual side means that you aren't perpetually distracted by what you feel, see, hear, touch, and taste.

As far as sex goes, you enjoy the process of lingering lovemaking. During sex, the senses are more acute, and you drink in the touch, sight, sounds, and smell of your lover. There is always room to improve this tendency of yours, and your lover will certainly appreciate your devotion to the senses!

If you would like, you can intensify your sensual side by taking note of the present moment, by using your eyes, ears, nose, and fingertips to explore all of the stimuli that whirl around you at any given time. Remember to be careful not to indulge gluttonously on physical pleasures to your own detriment (careless sex, drugs, alcohol, or too much chocolate, etc.).

You only have one life and your senses are there to help you enjoy it. So get to it!

Explaining and immortalizing.

From Janny Wurts' Wars of Light Shadow Volume 2: The Ships of Merior:

Medlir -- name carried by Arithon s'Ffalenn while he traveled incognito as Halliron's apprentice.

Arithon -- son of Avar, Prince of Rathain, 1,504th Teir's'Ffalenn after founder of the line, Torbrand in Third Age Year One. Also Master os Shadow, the Bane of Desh-thiere, and Halliron Masterbard's successor.


Self-written description from #Enchanted_Land in early 1997:

Medlir is the merry Jester of the Land. In his purple, teal, and black Jester's suit he merrily wanders the Land, spreading his laughter. He is sneaky, and a 'meddler' as his name implies. Very hard to catch, and even harder to hold, Medlir floats his way through the Land leaving a trail of mischief. If he can't be found, he is off exploring and making new friends, just wait an hour, he'll be back, for he always returns to his true friends, and the beloved Land he holds dear.


No sleep.

Read my book for a while. Lots of snowing going on. Cam is pointed out the window.

I'm laying in bed with my laptop. Using PuTTY to connect to my server over on my shelves and am compiling the Jabber server and related items right now. Whoo!