January 11th, 2001



I'm hooked on the Soul market.

I have 8247 SoulBucks, am ranked 67th, and my soul is worth 932. Not too shabby.

I swear I'll go to bed when I hit 10K SoulBucks. :P

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Damnit. Some asshole is manipulating a loophole in the SoulXchange site and jacking up prices. I justw atched one person go from about 1000 dollars to buy to 18000. Of course. If they jack up people I currently own I don't mind so much. :P It's still annoying. I think they just totally killed the site. ARGH!!!


Okay, the guys who messed with SoulXchange and jacked the prices did so on several of the people I owned at the time. At that time I was natually ranked 29th, had between 10K and 15K Points/SoulBucks and was doing great. After whatever they did and I sold the people they jacked, I had 260K Points, and am now ranked #1 :P I own 72 souls, and a lot of them are LJ'ers! I need more LJ souls to buy now. :P Should I email the guy who runs it and ask him to back me down again, or since it's just for fun, just go with it? :P