January 14th, 2001



Had Ravioli for lunch, pizaa for dinner and now Cream of Chicken soup and more Peach-Apricot tea for dinner #2.


... by chrisg's post which was somewhat sparked by a kuro5hin.org article (plus massive boredom).

A list of the software I use daily in Windows. Sadly, my list is more convoluted and contains many pieces of unsavory software. :P Hey chris... the LJ client isn't in your list? :P Do you actually use those few or did you limit it to those you use the most daily? I'm going all out... everything I use daily. :P

-- LiveJournal Client (I guess the /download/ dir doesn't exist right now...)
-- Win32Pad 1.0.13
-- IE 5.5 SP1 - Work
-- Mozilla 0.7 - Pleasure
-- PuTTY 0.51
-- WinSCP 1.0 Build 178
-- WS_FTP Pro v6.6
-- ICQ 99b Beta v3.19 Build 2569 Revision A - hehe
-- AIM 4.3.2229
-- Pirch32 - Not 98... bleh.
-- zMUD v4.62 32-bit
-- Becky! v2
-- GroupWise 5.5.3
-- Forte Agent v1.8
-- IrfanView32 v3.30
-- Mass Downloader 2.0 SR1
-- Winamp 2.71 w/ in_mp3.dll 2.72b
-- VNC Viewer

Of course, then there's background software that's always running that I use but not actively...

-- WinRoute 3.04g Pro
-- Dimension4 v4.3
-- dnetc v2.8012-465-GTR-01010823
-- ChillCam v2.4.0
-- NetLaunch v3.14e
-- WindowBlins 2.11 Enhanced
-- DynSite 1.10.373.3
-- ICQ ActiveList Server 99b v0.5 Build 9
-- RAM Idle 3.2 Beta
-- VNC v3.3.3r7
-- WarFTPd 1.66x4

And while I'm at it, I might as well mention I use geOshell 4.7 Beta as my shell in Windows rather than Explorer.

-- r5 Development
-- Main 4.x Functional Site
-- 4.7 Beta Site

And now, since I've spent far too much time on this... it's time to wrap it up. For some perspective and maybe awe-factor, all of this EXCEPT Winamp, Groupwise, and WindowBlinds is run under win98se on an ORIGINAL (with the compute bug) Pentium 90 w/ 64M of RAM and most of it all at the same time. Pirch32 is always connected to 3 nets and 11 channels. I can and do listen to mp3's at full quality on it as well on occaision, but why make it strain when I have a better qualified laptop that's usually hooked to me stereo. :P

My 486 runs NetBSD 1.5 but I don't use it actively on a daily basis. All console, no X. When I do use it, it's usually bash, screen, micq, naim, perl, and joe.

Quarter after 5 now... time for bed!

From the possibly TMI Department...

This post contains underwear material and related discussion, read at your own risk. :P

I wear briefs usually. Not boxers. I really don't know what the percentage of each in the general male populace is, but I don't really care. I'm wearing boxers at the moment though... my plaid ones I wear to bed. And it brings to mind the reason I wear briefs usually. The support man! I need the support! I don't know how anyone could stand to walk around all day flopping every which way, I think it would drive me nuts, not to mention I would think you'd have to be careful how you sat down half the time. And what do boxers people do when they wear shorts? Wear two pairs of shorts basically? That seems like it'd be stifling and annoying too. Maybe I'm strange. Well, not maybe. :P And my briefs aren't all white either, I have black too. :P

For those who actually read that and feel like commenting/explaining/adding to my thoughts, feel free. :P
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Soul Update

Okay, currently...

I cost 1983, I am owned by 61 people, I'm working towards a second split to make those people rich. :P

I have 165901 soulbucks and 383612 points which puts me 2nd behind ZeroSanity who has 404074 points. I'm catching up though.

I just made an LJ community... it's named souls and is for LJ users on soulxchange. :P Everyone join!
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(no subject)

I just got this SoulNote on SoulXchange. :P


from: FuNk FLeX on Jan 14 2001 5:45PM



hahahaha, I bought his soul. :P

My SparkMatch Profile...

My character profile is the third one I've had though I've stuck with it for a couple months now. I think it fits, I love it. It's hilarious. :P


30 % lust, 70 % love - Independent Good, Love Provider

love experience 6/18
sex experience 2/18
animal aggression 4/18
estrogen 5/18
testosterone 16/18

Lone Ranger Dun dun dun dun dun DUN DUN! You are the Lone Ranger, strong, protective, and free. You like to make other people feel good, and you're anything but needy. That must feel good.

This is just a shot in the dark, but I bet you enjoy doing hopelessly romantic things for girls, like sending flowers. However, at the same time you value your space, and the nice things you do aren't as much a measure of your devotion as of your eagerness to please. Be careful with that shit, because, as you and I both know, things tend to get ugly when you make someone fall head-over-heels for you, then you kind of pull away, and then their head comes off, and then there are maggots everywhere.

If getting someone to love with you is your main goal in all relationships, you need to re-evaluate. Make sure you reciprocate the feelings you seek. Your emotional detachment doesn't make you a bad person--the fact is, sometimes it's fun to be fickle. Just be careful who you're fickling.
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