January 17th, 2001


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<Glor-swanheart-> mexicans speak a spanish that seems to have monkey or caveman influence
<Tzimisce> jajajajjaja
<Teraxis> ouch
<Glor-swanheart-> as for sure... we might be speaking an english with caveman quality
<Glor-swanheart-> jajajaja
<Tzimisce> jajajja

Baaaaa, I'm a sheep.


* Schizophrenia

*snip the ruled out crap*

I don't find this all that surprising. Most Gemini's have at least two if not more distinct persdonalities. Call me Medlir, and if not, I'll be Rick. :P



In the past month, this disorder was unchanged with:

* Moderate occupational impairment
* Mild social impairment

This diagnosis is based on the following findings:

* Grandiose delusions (still present)
* Religious delusions (still present)
* Erotomanic delusions (still present)
* Tactile hallucinations (still present)
* Lack of emotional expression, verbal expression, or motivation (still present)
* Social or occupational impairment (still present)
* Continuous signs of the disturbance persisted for at least 6 months (still present)
* Somatic delusions (no longer present)
* Disorganized speech (no longer present)
* Not due to Schizoaffective or Mood Disorder
* Not due to a substance or a general medical condition
* No history of Autistic Disorder or another Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Psychiatric history of this disorder:

* Duration of 5 years
* Symptoms were present 60-79% of the past 5 years
* Never hospitalized for this disorder
* Never treated with psychotherapy
* Never treated with medication
* There is no history of aggression to others due to this disorder
* There is no history of threatened suicide due to this disorder

hehehehe *cackle*