January 18th, 2001



Got home last night about 5:30. Spent a half hour or so getting my computer online, signing on to everything, ctaching up on the day I missed at work. Parents decided they wanted to go to the Chinese Buffet for dinner. I was all for that. I woke bro up to see if he wanted to go, but he didn't of course, so i told him to get out of bed and use the time I was gone to download the mp3's he wants so I wouldn't have to and he wouldn't lag me later. That worked out well. My meal consisted of much the same as it always does when we go there every other week or so. I piledmy plate high with an eggroll, a lot of "General Tso's Spicy Chicken", a lot of "Sweet and Sour Chicken" which is actually just breaded and deep-fried chicken, two "Chicken on a Stick", and a large bowl of sweet and sour sauce which is much more sweet than it is sour and tastes a lot better than anything I can find in the store. SO I pigged out and thought about how the girls in there must think we United States Citizens are pigs and eat more than we need. *shrug* When I'm hungry I'm hungry. Of course, this was my only meal of the day too. Our waitress girl was cool. My mom was picking on me as we left and she laughed at me. :P I went back and got a big bowl of chocolate pudding and a macaroon. I was full and happy. We then went shopping at Wal-Mart. My dad wanted a new chain link for use with our plow on our quad. We got Kleenex, Beef Stew for bro, and I got some new shoes since my current shoes were Air Jordan's that were actually somewhat too small that my dad had brought home. Of course, they looked cool and felt comfortable even if they were a bit snug so I had ditched my other shoes to wear them for the longest time. Years later they were getting somewhat worn. :P Of course, I wear my moccasins half of the time instead of any shoes. So continuing with my pointless ramble about nothing important in lieu of work, I bought Black Mountain Loafers made by Earth Shoes which are made exclusively for Wal-Mart! http://www.earthshoes.com is a page that links to earthshoe.com, earthfootwear.com, and planetshoes.com. Sadly, they don't have pictures of their footwear though. Mine are all black, have no laces or velcro, they have an elastic band type area where your foot goes in. Very sleek, and actually really comfortable. I forgot I had them on last night till I went to bed. :P Whoop! Time to install the MSDN Library for January 2001 that we got yesterday.

Just idle thoughts.

Went to birthdays.bml again. I'd really like to see a birthday search added. "Search for anyone who was born on this day: " so I could see who shares *my* birthday easily. Oddly enough, the two people on my friends list who's birthdays are closet to mine are my cousin Meagan who's 7 days before, and my sister who's 2 days after. :P