January 22nd, 2001




# 1 Washu
# 2 Ryoko
# 3 Ryo-Ohki
# 4 Yosho/Katsuhito
# 5 Tenchi
# 6 Aeka
# 7 Sasami/Tsunami
# 8 Azaka & Kamidake
# 9 Mihoshi
# 10 Kagato
# 11 Nobuyuki
# 12 Azusa

I got the same results as piman which is where I got the test from. Originally my order for the top four was completely reversed with Yosho at number one... that was until I noticed the priority selector that went along with each question and retook it actually using them. :P

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Unitarian Universalist (score=100)
Theravada Buddhist (score=95)
Neo-Pagan (score=87)
Humanist (score=82)
Liberal Quaker (score=80)
New Age (score=80)
Mahayana Buddhist (score=74)
Mainline to Liberal Protestant (score=68)
Atheist/Agnostic (score=68)
Taoism (score=66)
Hindu (score=53)
Reform Judaism (score=51)
Sikhism (score=46)
Seventh Day Adventist (score=45)
Baháí (score=42)
Jainism (score=39)
Orthodox Quaker (score=39)
New Thought (score=36)
Scientology (score=35)
Orthodox Judaism (score=30)
Mainline to Conservative Protestant (score=30)
Christian Science (score=24)
Eastern Orthodox (score=21)
Islam (score=21)
Jehovahs Witness (score=21)
Latter Day Saints (score=21)