January 23rd, 2001


SoulXChange... hehe

from: Plato on Jan 22 2001 10:46PM

That's funny and yet, so sad. Fixed, though. Thanks.

In response what you sent: I love the collapsable mode for the portfolio, but I think someone missed a zero when changing things around. My portfolio only shows 2 users per page rather than 20.

http://pizza.sandwich.net/poke/pokemon.html (http://pizza.sandwich.net/poke/pokemon.html)

Your Pokéname is: Eetwo
Profile: You live in the snowy valleys of Siberia, and your diet consists mostly of fruits, macaroni and cheese and nectar.
Characteristics (Combat and Non-combat): You can puke Dr. Pepper. You can spit lightning bolts. You can breathe acid. You can throw rocks. You can breathe jet fuel.
Natural Enemies: Your natural enemy is Nidocow.