February 11th, 2001



Okay, my sister is pissing me off. Friday night we were going to see Hannibal but she basically decided the weather was getting too bad so we scrapped it. At the time, we decided we could watch a bunch of movies Saturday night instead, and so we watched one Anime movie Friday night because Laura wanted to see it (she had bought it for me for my birthday last year but had't seen it herself), and then my sister, Laura, and Russell all left. So from basically 11PM or so Friday night till 5PM Sunday afternoon, we hadn't seen my sister and she never once told us she was spending the night elsewhere in that time. My mom had called from the cottage to tell me the plan for today and I was supposed to tell Nicole but she never came home. So an hour before they get home today I make a long distance call to Russell's dad's hour and tell her, "Mom and dad will be home in about an hour so you should get here pretty soon. We're having dinner as a family too, no one else is supposed to be here." So 50 minutes later she actually shows up and who does she have with her? Russell! What the hell? "We're having dinner as a family and no one else is supposed to be here." Russell is not a member of our f'in family. She disappears for basically 2 days without telling us anything, and then when i do get ahold of her and tell her what the plans are, she totally ignores them and shows up 10 minutes before my parents get home. ARGH!!! Thoughts of many violent beatings come to mnd. It's like she's lost hermind or something. My mom asked me yesterday on the phone if I think she's doing drugs. I would hope my sister wasn't that stupid. She made boneless buffalo wings and baked beans Friday night when she was actually here. She gets ready to leave and leaves both on the counter. As she's walking out the door, I remind her she has a mess to clean up. She comes back, rolls the chicken in the foil, puts the baked bean bowl in the fridge with it, and leaves. What the hell? I go back through, take care of the cookie sheet the foil+chicken had been on, take care of the 3 pot holders she left out, take care of the dirty paper towel and bean-covered spoon she left out, and wiped off the counter. Where the hell is your mind when she thins taking care of her mess entails just taking care of the food? My mom said the same thing, "She knows better than that..." And then like I I mentioned earlier, what happened to movies Saturday night? She never came home and never told me plans had changed, and so I had no idea. If nothing else, that's extremely inconsiderate. If no one else, I used to actually do things with my sister, we were close. She was upset at one point a few years ago because I was mad at her for something, she was upset about not getting along and how I wanted nothing to do with her. Now she just doesn't seem to care about anything and it's sad. Oh wait, she never leaves Russell's side, that's a fair trade-off... totally ignoring your family in exchange for a boyfriend. Yeah, right.

Oh yeah.

And now since my sister knows my mom wants us to spend next weekend at the lake as a family, she wants to drive straight from college to the Lake, and "Russell and the boys can ride in the back of the truck with you guys." First off, who said me and Nate want to ride in the back of the truck? Second, who said we wanted to ride with Russell? I love how she makes plans for us without consulting us at all. It's like having a neurotic secretary... "I think I'll schedule the boss for a surprise vasectomy on Tuessday, a cane beating on Thursday, and we'll top it off with a Lorenna Bobbit Treatment on Friday." Umm, yeah, I don't think so. I think maybe Russell can stay at home for a weekend for a change. There's no reason he needs to go with us. Or he could even drive himself maybe! Or barringg that, maybe I'll make a concerted effort to get my car in working order so me and bro can drive ourselves.

On a lighter, less pissed at sister, note. My mom bought 3 kinds or shaved turkey breast fromt he deli up north because she knew I'd like it. Usually we get this cajun turkey kind that's awesomely delicious. This week she brought back Maple-Honey, Hickory, and Hard Wood flavored turkey. My favorite is the Maple-Honey but I ate up the 2 remaining slices of Hickory, and 4-5 slices of Maple-Honey... just plain, not even in a sandwich because we're having spare ribs for dinner. :P

Oh neat...

I just took out my battery to see if the seed went down to where it is and win2k told me I removed my Secondary IDE Channel. That's one funky-ass battery.