March 28th, 2001



So I left class early, I wasn't in the mood for it, and I doubt I'll do the one lab at all before Thursday when it's due. Feh. When I got home, my mom had bought me and bro a pizza each for dinner, but she also wrote me a note apologizing for naggin me so much lately and had also bought me the Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack on CD to replace my aging cassette. It was really nice. I wonder what will happen when I go to class tomorrow... if I wake up and actually go. I'd hate to fail two classes because I was too lazy to show up. I keep thinking about how I can explain what an idiot I am and how that's the reason I haven't been to class. I think I've been on the verge of an anxiety attack all night, but no one seems to care. I'm fed up with my desktop being non-working, I'm tired of not having any money, I'm tired of being lonely, I'm tired of life in general. I want it to get warm out NOW so I can do something physical for a change. But I listened to my LotM soundtrack a couple times, and am now watching Princess Mononoke again while working on my desktop. I think I'll go get the rest of my pizza to eat up.

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Okay... I'm seriously stressed now. I think my desktop hard drive is really fucked and I can only imagine what kind of data loss I'm looking at. Tried to install win2k pro on a EZ-BIOS drive... got a disk read error before ever seeing EZ-BIOS start up, so I made an EZ-BIOS boot disk, and switched to a backup track 0 which lets me see C: and boot from it, but I don't think it's letting me see d, e, or f... the data partitions... which is bad. I'm worried. This is going to suck if I can't recover it.