June 5th, 2001


The world of IRC.

* Medlir strips and runs around.
* Frank mounts the naked Medlir
* Medlir gets it on with the goat.
<Medlir> Is goat play better than no play?
<lil> lol

<Prophyt> If a chicken and a half laid an egg and a half in a day and a half how long would it take a grasshopper with a wooden leg to kick all the seeds out of a dill pickle.

<unbind> you know what I like about this net ? you get into any channel you want, you always end up op after 2 hours of idle.

<skaigai> if i ever own another cat, it's gonna be named 'shazbot'
<skaigai> yes, shazbot the cat.
<skaigai> FEAR IT
<cansado> if i were to get a cat, i'd name it 'you filthy whore'
<cansado> "use the litter box, you filthy whore!"
<cansado> "don't piss on the couch, you filthy whore!"
<cansado> etc
<frotz_> cansado, you have issues.

Nazgul [~nazgul@kechara-p.flame.org] has joined #soulxchange
<Maus> can someone trigger me?
<Medlir> lo Naz
<Nazgul> alo Med, how doth it hangeth?
<Medlir> Naz: Long and heavy, you?
<Nazgul> Short and skinny, but thanks for asking
<Medlir> haha

<Windsor> ribbit.
<Medlir> Froghemoth will attack you if you say that in his presence.
<Windsor> I got something for Froghemoth.
* Windsor shakes his crotch.
<Medlir> Ouch, so that's what he makes the girth of mangled hide from...
<Cryo> girth? rob? naaah.
<Medlir> Maybe a small one?
<Cryo> foreskin, maybe
<Cryo> if you stretch it
<Windsor> last I saw, they used my fireskin for a circus tent
<Windsor> ;>
<Medlir> Flea circus?
* Medlir admits that was far too easy.
* Windsor is now known as ugly
ugly [windsor@warthog.com] has quit IRC (pufe)

<qt-kat> mmmmmmm chocolate pudding cup for breakfast
<Lino_> It does your body good
<qt-kat> it does
<Kryten> amen to that

[23:52] <Cryo@#livejournal> I KISS YOU MEDLIR!

<syn@#soulxchange> ok like since gay medlir is idle someone wanna explain to me what this trigger/flip shit is you always mention for soulxchange
<syn@#sneakers> medlir wanted me to /kill you but i said NO!
<syn@#sneakers> medlir bought me ;/

<syn> sug min kuk
<Medlir> Umm, does that mean what it looks like it means?
* syn nods
<Medlir> Nice.

<elwood> moo
<cansado> moo
<skyguy> moo
<AngelRho> m00
<AngelRho> 4ng31R|-|0 in da |-|0us3
* cansado humps skai's leg
<skyguy> that would be |-|IZ0us3
<skyguy> cansado: fag
<cansado> skai: BASE
<cansado> werd to yo mothuh

<Phoenix05> he lives!
<Medlir> I was dead?
<TheBaron> i dunno. we feared the worst
<TheBaron> good to have you back on the team son

<Medlir> I have donuts and Gatorade Alpine Snow.
<lil> Alpine Snow is the clear one, isn't it?
<mouse> Well, cum colored one
<mouse> It's like cloudy
<mouse> white
<mouse> kinda
<lil> ah
<Kryten> always when I'm eating...
* mouse giggles
<lil> heh
<Kryten> or is it just that I'm always eating?
<lil> I haven't seen that one then
<Medlir> Yes, I'm drinking Gatorade Cum... Mmmm.
<emi> thats sick med just sick
<Kryten> no, sick has carrots in it
<Kryten> *giggle*
<mouse> carrotted gatorade cum?
<Kryten> lol
<SasaWork> Ew.
<mouse> Sounds like something i could eat on my diet
<mouse> no caffiene
<emi> i think i would just puke at the idea
<mouse> "Now with bits of BetaCarotene!"


<syn> fardu i rassgat
<Medlir> Is that gibberish or another language?
<syn> icelandic
<syn> means go to hell, fuck off
<Medlir> Nice, I need to save that one too.