June 17th, 2001


#trivia on irc.ircii.org

<Gob2> 751. What color ends in "urple"? ?
<SnoopY> purple
<Pixie> purple
<SnoopY> purple
<Pixie> hrml
<Pixie> Purple
<Medlir> light urple
<Gob2> Medlir is correct! The answer was -> light urple <- Time:29.848 seconds
<Gob2> Next question in 9 seconds, get ready!
<Medlir> ;)
<SnoopY> purple
<SnoopY> huh?
<Medlir> hahahahaha
<SnoopY> i don't understand
<SnoopY> it's purple!!!
<SnoopY> it's pruprl!!
<Pixie> erm...
<SnoopY> purple!!
<SnoopY> what the fuck is light urple!!
<SnoopY> argh
*grin* :D