November 18th, 2001


My grandma is hilarious sometimes. :P

Session Start (AIM - Medlir:Wayott): Mon Nov 05 13:50:21 2001
[2001.] Wayott: Hi Rick:
[2001.] Medlir: Hey
[2001.] Wayott: I need your Christmas list so get busy so I can go shopping.
[2001.] Wayott: Are you at work or school?
[2001.] Medlir: Work. When do you want it by?
[2001.] Wayott: today would be great but I know it isn't possible so I will give you a week.
[2001.] Wayott: I want to be nearly finished by Thanksgiving so it doesn't give you much time
[2001.] Medlir: I might be able to tonight then. :)
[2001.] Wayott: ok. Won't bother you any more at work. Just wanted you to know I needed a list. Talk to you another time
[2001.] Medlir: Okay, thank you. :) Want me to email it when I get done?
[2001.] Wayott: That would be great
[2001.] *** Wayott signed off at Mon Nov 05 13:54:24 2001.
Session Close (Wayott): Mon Nov 05 14:02:15 2001

Session Start (AIM - Medlir:Wayott): Tue Nov 13 23:41:23 2001
[2001.] Wayott: I am still waiting for your list and one for Nate too. I got one from Nicole and have already started with hers. I would sure like to hear from you boys before too long.
[2001.] *** Wayott signed off at Tue Nov 13 23:42:05 2001.
Session Close (Wayott): Tue Nov 13 23:43:29 2001

Session Start (AIM - Medlir:Wayott): Sun Nov 18 19:59:38 2001
[2001.] Wayott: Thank you for the list. If I can't find something from that list I should be shot. Wish me luck.
[2001.] *** Wayott signed off at Sun Nov 18 19:59:46 2001.


So earlier I ate some honey roasted peanuts, and some honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces, and an apple cinnamon breakfast bar, and a bowl of yams with butter and brown sugar...

And then Iw as hungry again so I just made myself fettucine alfredo... except I didn't have cream, so I used milk... and I didn't have *real* parmesean cheese, so I used the pseudo stuff in the shaker. All said and done, it wasn't bad. A little rich maybe... a little less butter and cheese might have been better. But still, mmm. :P

I was told I should add the Sony MP3-CD Player to my x-mas list so I'll do that in a bit. Been playing Q2 all day just because. My friend Mike wants help and thinks he's stuck so I'm playing through on hard for the fun of it. :P Other than that, not much else, I think I'll take a bath. :P