December 2nd, 2001


System of a Down - Forest

Walk with me my little child,
To the forest of denial,
Speak with me my only mind,
Walk with me until the time,
And make the forest turn to wine,
You take the legend for a fall,
You saw the product,

Why can't you see that you are my child,
Why don't you know that you are my mind,
Tell everyone in the world, that I'm you,
Take this promise to the end of you.

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My Saturday

I went to bed at like 9:37AM, and got up around 1:20PM, took a bath,and then sat around for a while. Everyone else was gone... parents up north, bro to pep band, sis at her boyfriends. So I printed out the directions to Liz's place and left around quarter to 4. Took a little hour or so drive and got there. Got quasi-lost about 100 yards from her place. Asked for directions from some guys who couldn't help (her place was in direct line of sight this whole time), but I ended up finding it. Knocked ont he door of the wrong house but no one answered so i called her from outside and told her to come to the back door. :P So she finished eating her ravioli and we left again in here car, headed for the Animania (UofM's Anime Club) anime screening. Got into Ann Arbor, nly to find out Liz had no idea where it was since it wasn't at the usual place. :P I had known it wasn't there, but I assumed she did too so we had no directions with us. So we called Charley in Kalamazoo and had him look at the web page and tell us. :P With his help and directions, and some decoding of what he said, we found the hall it was in. :P So we parked in a parking garage a block or two away and trekked back. I had brought two canned goods with me for their food drive and a free raffle ticket, so I gave one to Liz. By the time we went in the auditorium, the first thing they were showing was mostly over... "Rose of Versailles" which was set years prior to the French Revolution... I didn't think it was all that interesting or entertaining. :P After that, they showed episodes 10 and 12 of "Love Hina" which is a great series I think... I love the whole series so that was cool. :) Then came the dinner break at 7:30. We ended up walking down the street to this little pizza place and getting pizza. Then wandered back, got trapped in a tennis court, got trapped in a fenced in courtyard, and then then finally made it back tot he building and inside. :P Throughout the different screenings, they showed the Nintendo GameCube start-up from one of the games, I guess someone had their GameCube there and hooked up to the video projector. :P After that, they showed the "Ah! My Goddess Movie" at 8:15 which I thought was awesome! I want to own that DVD now. :P After that, they did the final raffle, and as they announced the winner of a $90 gift certificate to the local anime store (we went by it earlier), they read off "Liz..." but it was someone else. :P So we left because the next and last thing they were showing was "Initial D" which I, and a lot of people don't really like. After that, we went to Farmer Jack, except we went past it by about a block and a half and had to turn around. But they didn't have "Pokey" anymore, so we went to another store that did. Liz bought coconut and strawberry so I could try them... for anyone that doesn't know, it's little like hard breadsticks dipped in chocolate basically. We also got fruit leather. Then we went back to her places again and there were bunches of sorority girls there. So we downstairs to her room, and I goofed off on her computer, played on sxc, lj, irc, aim, etc. Around 1:30AM my mom called to see where I was since bro had gotten home and I wasn't there. After a while, her roommate wanted to go to bed so we went upstairs to watch some anime. I love those round basket chairs. We both ended up falling asleep while watching "My Neighbor Totoro". I nodded off towards the end, and woke up later and saw it had rewound and restarted or Liz did it. :P So I w atched more of it again and woke her up halfway. Then Iwoke up again later and it was playing a third time. :P One time we woke up it was 5AM, so I just slept. And so around 1:45PM here housemates woke us up and we actually got up and I came home. :)

All in all, a fun time, thanks Liz. :)