December 11th, 2001



I am a Minimalist Cow Sculpture.

My massive green incongruity mingles with past stitched screwdrivers. Mango potential exudes around my recycled writing gastropods. I fire enraged plastic knees on webbed bags.

What smell fragments hot curiosity? The Utterly Surreal Test


(no subject)

[2001.] <mouse> Down with people!
[2001.] * moon goes down on mouse
[2001.] * Medlir looks around.
[2001.] <mouse> :D
[2001.] * Cryo goes down on medlir
[2001.] <Medlir> Whoo!
[2001.] <Cryo> SCORE!
[2001.] <Medlir> Guess where that's getting posted.