December 22nd, 2001


It's only in your head you feel left out, or looked down on.

X-mas in a few hours at my grandma's. Whoo for presents. I wonder what she got me. Mmm, X-mas dinner too... sweet potatos, fruit salad, apple pies, ham rolls, dinner rolls,and lot of other good stuff... yum.

Hey, don't write yourself off yet...

Some recent events then. Cyndi was here from the afternoon of Thursday the 13th until the afternoon of Tuesday the 18th. 5 days... it seemed so much shorter to me. She got me an awesome watch and some cool boxers for x-mas, should I take pictures? :P I only had one of her presents by the time she got here, which was a DVD she had said she wanted. Still searching for the other thing I want to get. We visited the cottage on Thursday,a nd were here the rest of the time basically. Went out to dinner a few times, once with everyone else, the other time just us. Ran around town a few times. Ran to a few other places and cities. Stopped by my work at one point. Sadly, there's just not much to do here though, but it is relaxing if you want to just do nothing much more than lay around in bed. :P We got to the airport really early on Tuesday, which turned out to bea waste. I ended up leaving when she went through security a little before her flight was scheduled to leave. I got like 10 minutes away and she called to say they weren't letting them board the plane. :P It was broken apparently, and so she had to sit there for like 3 hours after they bumped all the 2:50PM passengers onto the 5:40PM plane. She made it home though, only late, and actually made it to her Pool game still too which was good.

Hey, you know they're all the same, you know you're doing better on your own, so don't buy in...

Wednesday night at 8PM, I saw Fellowship of the Ring for the first time. I drove the 45m or so down to Portage to see it with Charley and Liz. Charley bought my ticket for me since I had given them some concert tickets a while back which was really cool. We met there almost 2 hours early to pick up the tickets, then ran over to the Corssroads Mall to get some food and waste time. Got into the theater a half hour or more early and it was packed already, everyone was there like like a half hour early. :P I noticed there were lots of PDA's in the audience (electronic ones, not physical ones. :P). It was awesome I thought, I think the cave troll is my favorite though. :P When it got out at 11, I found my way back home and was basically dead after getting no sleep the night before.

Live right now, just be yourself, it doesn't matter if that's good enough for someone else...

I ended up sleeping all Thursday and staying up all night Thursday night. Went to work around 9AM for a change,and was there all day Friday. Ended up leaving around 3:37PM because I was tired and bored. Got home, tried laying down for bit but never made it. Made plans to go see FotR again. And so we did. Parents, sis and Russell and Beth, bro, Keith, and I. Were lots of other people there too that we knew since we went to the local theater. Not as good of a screen as bigger theaters, but only $4 too. So I saw it again. I was uncomfortable and nodding off through a lot of it since I had no sleep again, but I never actually fell asleep.

It just takes some time,
Little girl, you're in the middle, of the ride,
Everything everything will be just fine,
Everything everything will be all right.

Keenan sent me an x-mas present kind of too. :P He doesn't like Disturbed any more he said so he sent me his Disturbed CD that has Stupify and Down With The Sickness on it. So I've been listening to it a bunch, I love those songs. I think I'm going to make a compilation album later... those two songs, Chop Suey and Forest from SOAD, probably Scism and The Grudge from Tool... not sure what else yet though. So anyway, bro, Keith and I listened to both Disturbed and SOAD last night. Everyone came back here after the movie (8-11 again) and we talked about it and sat around and goofed off. Then Nicole took Beth and Russell home, and I ran Keith home.

Do your best, do everything you can,
Don't you worry what thier bitter hearts are going to say.

I still need to find Cyndi's other gift. And actually, the only other person I've bought for so far is sis which was one thing. So sometime tomorrow, or Monday, I have to do all my shopping for bro, mom, and dad. I feel like crap right now though, but I need to get ready to go. Leaving in 25m or so. It kind of sucks to "realize" noone cares even if the topic of this post is true and it's just me feeling down. Shower time, whoo.