December 25th, 2001


Christmas Again :P

So this morning we had our immadiate family x-mas. Mmm, presents. :)

Off my list I got...
  • * Gladiator DVD
  • * Braveheart DVD
  • The Simpsons - The Complete First Season - 3 DVD Set
  • The Family Man DVD
  • ** Maxtor ST0154000U 40 GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
I also got a little computer vacuum, canned air, two 24 piece boxes of Queen Anne's Chocolate Covered Cherries, Armor All and Turtlewax Formula 2000 cleaning wipes for my car, cologne, a compass for my car, a 2-liter of Mountain Dew and another of Code Red, a dragonball z poster, candy, and some other little stuff. Off to x-mas with mom's side of the family now and food! :P

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X-mas Update!

Further checked off my list...

"Faith of the Fallen" by Terry Brooks (again, but hardback so I'll keep. :P)
Hannibal DVD
Matrix DVD (Will take back and get Ah! My Goddess DVD I think)
"The White Order" by L.E. Modesitt Jr.
$5 in McDonald's Gift Certificates
$25 Gift Certificate to RadioShack
"The Sickness" Album from Disturbed (one from Aunt, one from Keenan :P)

And as a bonus, an old Toshiba Satellite laptop. :P I'm not sure why my aunt got me book 8 instead of 7, I'll have to buy 7 myself later. And I'm not sure why my grandma got Hannibal since I didn't ask for it. POLL OF THE PEOPLE (PLEASE COMMENT), I never saw Hannibal at the theater. Is it worth keeping? It's on the same receit as Matrix, so I can take it back if it's really not worth it and get one of the other movies on my list. I *wanted* to see it in the theater but never gotaround to it, so I want to know what others think of it.

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