February 11th, 2002


Stolen from Ela (https://www.livejournal.com/error:bogus-lj-url)


One Quintillion Pennies

One quintillion, sixty-seven trillion, eighty-eight billion,
three hundred and eighty-four million Pennies
[ One cube measuring 27,300 x 27,300 x 27,300 feet ]


One quintillion pennies. This many pennies, if laid out flat like a carpet, would cover the surface of the earth - twice. If you look hard, you can still see the Sears Tower and other buildings at lower right. Another way to see it is to realize that Mt. Everest (29,000 ft.) is only 1,700 feet taller than this 27,300-foot cube. This is as far as we will go. Three trillion tons of pennies is quite enough. To imagine larger cubes, (stepping by factors of 1,000), just imagine cubes roughly ten times larger than the last one. For instance, one quintillion pennies makes the cube above - about 5 miles on each side. If you step up to one sextillion, imagine a cube about 50 miles wide tall and thick.

value $10,000,670,883,840,000.00
(Ten quadrillion, six hundred seventy billion,
eight hundred eighty-three million, eight hundred
and forty thousand dollars and zero cents)

width 27,300 feet
height 27,300 feet
thickness 27,300 feet
total weight 3,125,000,000,000 tons
height stacked 986,426,767,677 Miles
area (laid flat) 89,675,160,698 acres


I am a living pinata, beat me and break me all you want... sadly, the joke's on you... living pinatas don't leak candy.

Something I liked.

Thanks to Sarah aka digitalux for letting me copy this. This is directly from her page, which you can find at http://digitalux.com/iota and all credit for it goes to her. I just really like it so I felt like sharing it.


Someday I want to wake up next to someone in a great big bed on a cold January morning. I kiss the back of his neck and gently touch his left ear as he sleeps and quietly gasp at the coldness of his feet. I grin at the way he sometimes snores because I know he will deny it later. I close my eyes and drift off again, dreaming of his lips, only to wake again when he sneezes and then apologizes: "Sorry to wake you." "I was just thinking of you; you didn't interrupt." He looks into my eyes and I squint back, trying to find my favorite freckle near the tip of his nose. He leans over and tucks a stray peice of hair behind my ear. I touch his face. He says, "I'm thinking of growing a moustache," and although I resist change, I know I wouldn't mind. " I have to get ready for work," he sighs, but even this reality can't subtract from the total contentment we feel, and I smile because I know he really means "I love you." He climbs slowly out of bed while I feel around for his socks under the covers, like every other morning. I throw one at him, then the other, but they fall silently behind as he shuffles across the room. He turns around and grins as he picks them up. "Coffee?" I say, and he smiles because he knows I really mean " I love you." "Cream, no sugar," he replies; it's what he ordered the day we met, and he never changed his mind after that.