February 18th, 2002



So I emailed Sara saturday afternoon, asked her for her phone number, then ran to Charlotte to get gas and such. Came back and had a reply, butI started getting things around first. Called her up around quarter to 3, she said come over whenever and stay however long despite me trying to get a specific time. :P I made me a CD with Tool, System of a Down, Disturbed, Pete Yorn, Ours, and Avalanches to listen to on the way there, and putmy clothes in the dryer that I had washed earlier. By the time all that got done, it was like 3:30, so I rushed out of here. Her apartment was really easy to find, and I got there around 4:40 I think. Got to talking about just about everything, sat on the couch for a long time, got a tour, met all three of her roommates at one time or another, and had fun. :) Ended up staying there until quarter to 8. :P Figured I should let her getbackto herhomework andI should get to thescreening, so I left my car there, and walked the 6 blocks or so to the auditorium it was in. Got there at 8 only to find out the dinner break lasted until 8:40... went down to a pizza place I had passed called Fumaglia's or something like that. Ate pizza. Walked back, got aseat, and settled in. Watched 2 episodes of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure" which I thought was really interesting. When those got over at 9:40, they had the raffle drawing, but I didn't win anything despite buying 5 tickets. :| After that they were showing Initial D, which I didn't want to see (still :P) so I left... got back to Sara's about 10, and headed home shortly after. It was really icey outside Ann Arbor... tons of cars flipped and off the road. Idiots. :P I set my cruise on 80 and flew by them... if you're going to live in Michigan, learn how to drive in Michigan. Learn how to feel out the road, learn what the roads look like when icey, don't be stupid... it's simple really. I may drive fast but I've never once gone off the road. I was nodding off the whole way home though... really exhausted from everything early, and when I got back here, I think I basically crashed.

Sleeping... Saturday night and last night both... I fall asleep, but wake up every 2 hours or so... constantly, all night. And then I'm still tired later. Don't know why.

A quote to go with id/illid's, except no typo here. :P
[2002.] <JulieUp> shut up dickman
Julie is so mean to me. :|

Been replying to email today, updating some info on a few sites, sitting here. Had egg sandwiches for breakfast... fried eggs with melted provolone on toast with mayonaise. Yum. Talking to a few people now. Sara said to email her, and I did Saturday when I got home just to say Imade it alive, but no response. :P *wonders if she'll read this* :P

HELP ME! Okay, R-Studio from http://www.r-tt.com looks perfect to recover thefiles on my 13G drive. I've used the demo... works great. It shows me allt he files the full could restore. Technically, I just need R-Studio FAT since Ionly want to recover from FAT partitions... R-Studio FAT is at http://www.r-tt.com/R-FAT_undelete&recovery.html but costs $50, which I can't spend right now. So this is me begging as it were... if anyone has money to burn, donate to medlir@livejournal.com on paypal or something? :P I'm somehow doubting anyone does, or I get enough to buy it, but I'm trying anyway. :)

Also, 2 weeks ago I added this to my button bar at the bottom of the page on my journal pages, but never posted an entry with it. :P

Oral Sex Donations Accepted!

Whee, off to do other stuff.

In need of some more help.

The situation...

Win98se system... Intel EtherExpress Pro/10+ ISA NIC... TCP/IP bound to the NIC, set up to use DHCP. It gets an IP, I can ping the gateway on the network, other computers on the network, and even internet servers like www.voyager.net and www.google.com... I get ping responses to all of them. I have NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled and can browse the network fine from that computer, and browse that computer from others. I can transfer files to and from it that way. NET DIAG over NetBIOS says it's fine.

The Problem: Can't open a TCP port *anything*. Though it can ping anywhere, and resolve names fine... it can't open ports to anywhere. I can't load pages from any of the hosts I can ping. I can't load pages off apache on my NetBSD box on the intranet. I can't telnet to my NetBSD box. Nothing.

Ping fine, connect not at all. NetBIOS over TCP fine, plain TCP not.

Does *anyone* have any idea why this is? What causes it? How it can be fixed? Anything that could help? :P I really have no earthly idea.